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National Association of Publishers’ Representatives, Inc.

Our organization was established in 1950 to promote the interchange of ideas and to improve the quality of service to publishers.

NAPR’s objectives are to create a better understanding between publishers and representatives, to raise the level of the profession, and to improve selling efficiency.

NAPR members, who are all independent business men and women, utilize a standard contract form, adhere to a code of ethics, follow a definite policy on split commissions, house accounts, minimum drawing accounts, and similar matters. In addition to selling space, they often provide marketing and related guidance to publishers.

Are you a publisher seeking to find a Media Sales Professional to assist your firm?

If so, click here to submit a free representative wanted ad today. After approval, your submission will be emailed to the entire NAPR membership. You will then be contacted directly by interested Media Sales Professionals.

Member to Member Ads:

If you as a member of the National Association of Publishers' Representatives, Inc.(NAPR) are interested in establishing a relationship with another member of our association, seeking assistance from another member, selling or transferring   your business, retiring or otherwise please feel free to contact the association and speak directly to our director Robert O  Patterson at (847) 885-7400. He will arrange for your request to be posted on our website or newsletter without cost to you. Please note that any listings may be removed at any time without further notice. Language set forth in the posting is to be that of the Member posting same. NAPR, its members or agents shall have no responsibility for the contents of the listing or its posting.

A Message from NAPR's President...

There are many benefits to belonging to NAPR, however, the one that is most universally valuable to all is the visibility you have to publishers. The NAPR Member Directory is the number one go-to place for publishers who are seeking new media sales representation.

It is ever more difficult to be found through search engines, and it is also becoming ever more expensive to stay on the first page of the search results. Being listed in our online directory allows you to be listed in the resource that shows up at the top of online searches for publisher representatives. NAPR members get found much quicker and frequently than through any other directory.

Going beyond providing members great visibility to publishers searching for representation, belonging to NAPR assures publishers that you are a professional and lends confidence to you and your brand. Publishers know NAPR members adhere to high standards and are the best in their field. NAPR members have tools available to them at help them through every phase of their career.

NAPR provides its member’s resources to help them start their business, grow and expand businesses and even to sell or pass it along to the next generation.

Our members also can benefit from networking and educational opportunities. NAPR is dedicated to the success of our members, by providing opportunities for our members to grow their businesses, their networks and their knowledge. NAPR serves its members every day.

Not sure if joining the NAPR is right for you and want to know more?

Contact us today and learn how NAPR will help you.


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